Fluent In Canine® training program

The Fluent In Canine® Training
  • LIVE 6 Week Webinar which Sarah-Anne leads you through and answers questions during each lesson as you learn.

  • Sign up for a Wednesday or Thursday course. Lessons are held Pacific Standard time from 6-8pm.

  • Lessons include video footage of Sarah-Anne working with clients and their dogs showing you how to implement each area of Canine Leadership.

  • New training topics are covered each week, allowing you time to practice between lessons as you gradually build your comfort and confidence implementing Canine Communication.

  • Lessons include written overviews of training instructions for easy reference.

  • Each lesson is recorded allowing you access to review the training videos and protocol between lessons.

  • Forum Support is given during the Fluent In Canine® training program and for the rest of your dog’s life in which Sarah-Anne will address questions regarding implementing the training.

  • Limited class enrollment allowing time to support each participant throughout the training program. 

  • After completing the 6 week training program you will have continued access to the recorded lessons for one month.

  • Schedule a private training consultation with Sarah-Anne, in-home or via web cam, to receive one-on-one help implementing the training during the course. Private consultations are charged at additional cost.

Continued Support Upon Completion of the Training Program
  • Free Support is given via a Forum in which Sarah-Anne will address questions regarding implementing the training.

  • Monthly membership is available, to established clients, in which you will have access to the recorded lessons, including the video footage of Sarah-Anne working with clients and their dogs and overviews of the training protocol.

  • Schedule a private training session, in-home or via webcam, with Sarah-Anne to receive one-on-one help implementing the training.

    • We recommend scheduling your first private training session for 2 hrs in order to thoroughly address and answer all of your questions and practice how to implement the training.

    • If you would prefer you can schedule a private training session for 1 hr, then schedule additional 1 hr training sessions if more help is needed.


  • Learn a kind, respectful, gadget-free and natural approach.

  • Zero stress for your dog, no matter what behavioral issues you need help with.

  • Your dog learns in the comfort and safety of your home while you learn skills to better help them.


  • How dogs think.

  • Why they behave as they do.

  • The language & culture of dogs.

  • How dogs perceive the world & what causes anxiety, fear & behavioral issues.

  • How to help your dog learn Self Control & Willing Co-operation.

  • How to implement a loving, natural way of communicating that will resolve behavioral issues.

Behavioral Issues Addressed: Separation Anxiety, Jumping Up, Excessive Barking, Mouthing, Manners with visitors, Bolting Through the Door, Pulling on the leash, Nervous at Mealtimes, Fears, Anxiety.

Fluent In Canine® Training Program Outline

Lesson 1


  • The Language & Culture of dogs.

  • How to see the world from your dog’s perspective.

  • What behavioral issues really are.

  • How we contribute toward behavioral issues without realizing it.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 6.24.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 9.01.06 AM.png


Lesson 2- Training Topics 

  • Give affection to your dog as a Canine Leader

  • Resolve mouthing

  • Stop jumping up

  • Resolve Separation Anxiety

  • Address fears

Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 2 - Training
Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 2 - Mouthing


Lesson 3- Training Topics

  • Implement leadership & resolve anxiety at mealtimes

  • Implement leadership with toys & at playtime

  • Resolve excessive barking

  • Learn how to prepare your dog to have more self control outside of your home

Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 3.png
Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 3 - Barking Dogs


Lesson 4- Training Topics

  • Heel Training – Step 1 – Teaching your dog to walk beside you

  • Heel Training – Step 2 – Teaching your dog to follow your lead as you change direction

  • Stop bolting through the door

  • Teach your dog Sit, Stay, Down

  • Teach your dog Recall, (to ‘Come’ when called)

  • Teach ‘Leave It’ and ‘Drop It’

Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 4
Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 4 - Sit and Down

Lesson 5- Training Topics

  • Teach your dog to have manners when visitors arrive

  • Stop your dog from jumping up on visitors when they arrive

  • Help your dog learn to feel comfortable with visitors

Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 5
Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 5 - Visitors

Lesson 6- Training Topics

  • Heel Training Step 3 – On your deck

  • Heel Training Step 4 – In your back yard

  • Heel Training Step 5- Outside of your home

  • Recall Outside of Your Home

Pack Dynamics - Online Course - Lesson 6

By respecting a dog’s instinct and approaching behavioral issues from a perspective of understanding and compassion you will help your dog learn to feel safe and trust you. This allows your dog to relax, feel calm & happy as you are helping to remove their stress.

Why this training is perfect for you and your dog Adult dogs, adopted dogs, puppies- You will learn valuable information giving you a new perspective & understanding of your dog & its behavior. No matter a dog’s age, history or personality your dog will understand this approach to training as you are honoring it’s instinctual behavior and communicating in a language that your dog understands. This training method is compassionate and makes sense as well as being kind and respectful.


If you are ready to create a deeper bond with your dog, are willing to learn, have the time and dedication to implement what you learn sign up for the upcoming class via the link. If you still have questions contact Pack Dynamics®, we are happy to talk to you and answer any questions to ensure that the class is a good fit for you and your dog. 



The emotional mirror®


The unique program designed to help you on your own personal journey of self-discovery and self-love. Our dogs are such amazing teachers and reflect back to us in their behavior the life lessons that we are often struggling to resolve. 

During the program I will guide you through powerful processes that get to the heart of the issue. You will be guided safely to dig deeper to resolve issues at the root, giving you freedom from lingering challenges. 

Each process is designed to help you heal, gain clarity and a deeper understanding.

Upon completion you will feel empowered, with an deeper appreciation for your dog/s and better understanding of yourself. 

The added benefit is that you dog's behavior will change as you heal and embrace the next step in your journey. Our dogs want us to embrace our authentic self, feel happy and free to express and accept ourselves. 

This program is for people who are ready to make changes in their life and realize that old habits of thinking and reacting may be affecting their dog's behavior too. Participants must commit to completing the 4-6 week program.

If you are interested please call to register. We are very excited to share The Emotional Mirror® as it is so effective in helping people reach the next level in self awareness and personal growth.


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