have you ever wondered how your dog thinks & feels?

Sarah-Anne Reed is a natural Canine Intuitive/Animal Communicator and holistic dog trainer in Central Oregon, who specializes in helping dogs with behavioral issues. She has always had a deep bond and connection with animals, especially dogs, and discovered that she has the ability to communicate with them on a deep intuitive level. 

How does an Animal Communication session work?

An Animal Communication session can be done via phone, internet or in person. Internet/phone sessions are recorded so that you can replay them as often as you like. You are also welcome to record in-person sessions on your phone.

Sarah-Anne connects with your dog from a place of compassion and openness and shares with you what your beloved dog wants to communicate.

Dogs share lots of different fun & meaningful insights, such as:

  • What their favorite treat flavor is

  • How they feel emotionally & physically

  • What is affecting them in their environment

  • How family members, human & animal, are affecting them

  • Past experiences

  • Lessons they are here to help us learn, if we are open


Intuitive Readings 

Would you like to know what your Guides and Guardian Angels want to share with you?    

Are you looking for guidance? 

Sarah-Anne connects in with your Guides and Guardian Angels intuitively. Your guides speak through Sarah-Anne to help you gain clarity, understanding and direction during challenging times, life changes, in making decisions regarding business, relationships, health and much more. Sessions can last one to two hours, depending how many questions you have and how much your Guides and Guardian Angels have to share with you. Sessions can be recorded so that you can replay the session, which is really fun!