My Mission

Sarah-Anne Reed, M.NLP, DL, ACMC, C.Ht, owner of Pack Dynamics LLC, is dedicated to her mission in life to help families develop a deeper bond with their dog using a holistic approach by addressing each integrated dynamic of the relationship & bridging the communication gap.

“I believe that all dogs deserve to be treated with respect, kindness, and understanding. A dogs’ behavior is greatly affected by their personality, our interactions with them, their environment and how we deal and cope with life. I offer a variety of services to address these areas in order to give you the help that you need to improve and deepen your relationship with your dog.”

 I advocate for dogs whenever possible by speaking up when they can't and educating people about the Language and Culture of Dogs and the core elements that effect a dog's behavior.   

Once we understand why dogs behave as they do and realize that they are merely acting on instinct and responding to their environment and to us and our emotions we can change the way that we view their behavior. We must stop blaming dogs for acting like a dog and start listening to what they are trying to communicate to us. There is a kind, respectful and natural way to stop dogs from being medicated on Prozac for the rest of their life (which doesn't correct the reason behind the behavior).  There is no need to rip a dog away from their family and, worst of all, murder them, simply because they are communicating in the only way that they know how.
We must stop re-homing or giving up on our dogs because their behavior is difficult to live with. We understand that children need structure, boundaries, respect, love, patience & time as they learn to navigate the world around them. Dogs need the same consideration and dedication, a life-long commitment. We owe it to our furry family members to give them the best life possible and if they are stressed or scared to understand the core issue of the resulting behavior and be willing to do whatever it takes to help them. 


Sarah-Anne Reed, M.NLP, DL, ACMC, C.Ht, RMT, owner of Pack Dynamics LLC, has a unique set of skills, experience and education which allow her to offer an innovative, dynamic approach to solving canine behavioral issues. She has always had a love for animals and a great passion for dogs. Growing up on a farm in Scotland, she was very much in her element when outside taking care of the animals. Sarah-Anne has always had animals in her life and currently has one dog, Tootsie.

For the past 11 years, Sarah-Anne has dedicated herself to a life-long mission of helping families develop a deeper bond with their dog using a holistic approach. She addresses each integrated dynamic of the relationship while bridging the communication gap between humans and canines.  

Sarah-Anne is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Meta-Coach, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Natural Animal Communicator, Certified in the Sedona Method and a Certified Dog Listener. Sarah-Anne’s holistic approach encompasses a variety of services from training to resolve canine behavioral issues, to Reiki and Animal Communication for dogs, and Personal Stress Reduction Coaching & Intuitive Sessions for people.

With a professional background in human psychology Sarah-Anne has come to understand that the root causes of most canine behavioral issues are likely related to our misunderstanding of how dogs communicate and how we relate to them. Her training is empowering as she teaches clients the skills and techniques to truly help their dogs using a kind, respectful, gadget-free and compassionate approach.

She offers an innovative approach providing services to help create a deeper bond between dog & human, specializing in providing effective tools based on respect, kindness, compassion and understanding. Dogs are greatly affected by our emotions, moods, our schedule, as well as how we interact with them, this is what makes Pack Dynamics the perfect solution for any family and their beloved dog.