Welcome to Pack Dynamics LLC!  We offer a holistic approach to dog training & behavioral issues in Bend & Central Oregon offering services to help you create a deeper bond with your dog. A dog's behavior is affected by a variety of dynamics and we specialize in addressing these areas in a personalized, integrated approach with effective tools based on respect, kindness, compassion and understanding. 



'FLUENT IN CANINE' TRAINING- includes foundational training & options for continued training & support



You will learn:

  • Why your dog behaves as it does.
  • How to ‘Speak Canine’ and communicate in a way that your dog understands.
  • How to implement these techniques to help your dog/dogs.
  • How to teach self-control & willing cooperation.

Every client receives personalized training:

  • Training personalized to you and your dog. The Foundational Training includes one 3 hour in-home consultation.
  • The in-home consultation allows us to effectively help you as we can observe your dog in it's home environment, interacting with you.
  • We can then successfully guide you in how to resolve the issues by explaining how your dog is perceiving its world, why it is behaving as it is and address all issues in a Customized Success Plan and continued training and support.

Upon completion of the Foundation Training you can choose the best follow-up training option for you and your dog/s.

How does this method work?

  • This method of dog training is based on kindness, respect and understanding as your dog learns willing cooperation and self control. 
  • During the consultations you will learn the Canine Communication method and how to apply it, allowing you to communicate clearly and effectively as the method is based on the Language and Culture of Dogs.
  • When you change the way you interact and learn to communicate in a way that your dog understands you will be giving signals that encourage your dog to learn to feel safe and protected as you provide the leadership it needs. 

What is the cause of behavioral issues?

A dog's behavior is affected by a variety of dynamics: personality, past experiences, age & environment. Our emotions, moods and how we cope and deal with life, as well as how we communicate with out dogs, also has a great impact on their behavior.

Every family needs a leader and dogs are no different, in fact, they react based on instinct, and survival is always paramount. Without a strong, effective leader of a family/pack the family can starve, so for dogs having a guardian of the pack is a 'life and death' matter. Dogs, just as humans, rely on parent figures in a family to provide guidance, structure, protection and food, without this leadership the family structure collapses and we have chaos. In order to give dogs a sense of  safety and comfort and provide a happy, stress-free home we need to respect their culture, language and instinctual needs.

What is the solution?

Pack Dynamics LLC utilizes an innovative approach which addresses each dynamic of the integrated relationship between you. 

Dogs are so eager to please and often get 'in trouble' for acting like a dog; for example, barking to protect their family or home, guarding their food or pulling on the leash; all behaviors that they do to take care of their family in the leader/guardian role. Once your dog realizes that you are taking care of them, that you are the decision maker and they no longer have the burden of trying to take care of you the behavioral issues will naturally resolve. Once your dog trusts you it will cooperate of its own free-will, without force or control, Dogs will never learn how to speak English, but we can learn their language and how to effectively communicate.

Sarah-Anne has a unique set of skills, experience & education which allow her to offer an innovative, dynamic approach to solving behavioral issues.

on-going support

free back-up help

Pack Dynamics is dedicated to helping you send a calm, clear and consistent message to your dog that they no longer need to worry about the burden of taking care of your family. Because dogs are living in a world that they don’t understand they will always have questions and need reassurance from their guardian/leader and it is our commitment to be there for you with support and guidance when you need us. It is not important how many questions a dog asks, but how we answer them. It is vital to our role as protector/leader/guardian. If we answer calmly with confidence and consistent behavior in a language that dogs understand, your dog will choose to cooperate with you and see you as a guardian/leader they can trust to make the right decisions for the safety and well being of the family/pack. The “Free Back-Up Help” is available by phone, text and e-mail if you have any questions about behavior that arises in the future with your current dogs.

When bringing home a new puppy or adopted dog it is important to be prepared and start ‘Communicating in Canine’ from the first day that your new family member arrives home. We are here to help you and support a smooth transition for both you and your family, including your current dogs and your new arrival. Just as a child will constantly look to its parent for guidance, caring and reassurance during times of perceived stress and danger, a dog will look to its guardian/protector/leader. Some dogs will have more questions than others depending on their personality, environment, history and the consistency of leadership qualities they see in you. It is in a dogs nature to always evaluate if the right person for the job has the guardian/leadership role because the family's survival depends on it.