Fluent In Canine®- Level 1

Attending the class is the first part of the Fluent In Canine Package. After attending the class you will also receive a 3-4 hour private in-home training and a 1 hour In-Home Follow-Up appointment.

Bridging The Communication Gap


This Dog Training Class Utilizes a Holistic Approach to Resolving Behavioral Issues.

  • Zero stress for your dog, no matter what behavioral issues you need help with.
  • Your dog stays home while you learn skills to better help them.
  • Learn a kind, respectful, gadget-free and natural approach.
  • Implement what you learn at home, then enjoy private in-home training and receive ongoing support. 

What you will learn:

  • How dogs think.
  • Why they behave as they do.
  • The language & culture of dogs.
  • How dogs perceive the world & what causes anxiety, fear & behavioral issues.
  • How to help your dog learn Self Control & Willing Co-operation.
  • How to implement a loving, natural way of communicating that will resolve behavioral issues.

By respecting a dog’s instinct and approaching behavioral issues from a perspective of understanding and compassion you will help your dog learn to feel safe and trust you. This allows your dog to relax, feel calm & happy as you are helping to remove their stress.

Why this class is perfect for you and your dogAdult dogs, adopted dogs, puppies- You will learn valuable information giving you a new perspective & understanding of your dog & its behavior. 

Behavioral Issues Addressed: Fears, anxiety, aggression, mouthing, jumping up, visitors arriving, bolting through the door, pulling on the leash, excessive barking…

If you are ready to create a deeper bond with your dog, are willing to learn, have the time and dedication to implement what you learn please apply to participate in the upcoming class by filling out an application, after which Sarah-Anne (Read Bio) will call you to pre-approve you & ensure that the class is a good fit for you. 


  • CLASS:  please call to inquire the date for the next class, they are held every 2 weeks.                              






weekend Workshop 

Fluent In Canine®- Level 2

The emotional mirror

The weekend workshop is designed to help you on your own personal journey of self-discovery and self-love. Our dogs are such amazing teachers and reflect back to us in their behavior the life lessons that we are often struggling to resolve. 

During the workshop I will guide you through powerful processes that get to the heart of the issue. You will be guided safely to dig deeper to resolve issues at the root, giving you freedom from lingering challenges. 

Each process is designed to help you heal, gain clarity and a deeper understanding. Techniques for healing are all guided by Sarah-Anne, some will be taught to the class as a whole and others will be guided while in pairs. 

You will leave feeling empowered with an deeper appreciation for your dog/s and better understanding of yourself. 

The added benefit is that you dog's behavior will change as you heal and embrace the next step in your journey. Our dogs want us to embrace our authentic self, feel happy and free to express and accept ourselves. 

This is an intimate class with limited space and availability for 4 people to participate as it is important that everyone feels safe sharing and there is plenty of time to process. This class is for people who are ready to make changes in their life and realize that old habits of thinking and reacting may be affecting their dog's behavior too. Participants must commit to attending both days.

If you are interested please call us to register and secure your spot. We are very excited to share this class as it is so effective in helping people reach the next level in self awareness and personal growth. 

When: The next workshop will be held on February 24th & 25th 2018. 

Where: Blissful Heart Campus, Bend, Or.

Limited space - ONLY 4 PARTICIPANTS PER WORKSHOP. Sarah-Anne is dedicated to ensure that each participant has a great experience. 

10am-5:30pm   (Lunch from 12:30-2pm)

Cost: $300